::imaginative introspection::

Imagine that all life is an illusion. All that exists is this moment. No past, no future, each memory, every plan, a part of the illusion. Life, in a photograph.

Do you like the image of yourself?

Thursday, December 20, 2012


How quickly we shed our morals for a moment in the limelight. Every emotion, reaction, thrown out to the world with expectations of reciprocal grandeur. We shout our every thought to the sky and demand, in our audacity, an admiring audience's applause.

I no better, throw my thoughts to the world.

Still, this despicable humanity seems hungry for the next heartbreak before we've recovered the last.

This collective catharsis is but a catalyst for the next catastrophe.

Disgusted, I find myself wishing the Mayans were right, that this would be the end of days for our despicable species.

For in our ingenuity we design our own fate, our biological superiority but a step in our prolonged self destruction.

Today is just another step towards the unknown, and somehow despite our recent history, I dare to hope.

Perhaps I am a fool.

If so, let me play my part, to entertain those who listen with my own humanity.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I shed tears for souls lost to unchecked depravity. My heart breaks for the families left behind by a stranger's insanity. No sane man could gun down any innocent human. Those who have surely suffer some scarcity of the soul.

To kill a child is unthinkable, yet still, a psychopath murdered many and my thoughts of humanity turned darker than I care to admit. I am heartbroken that I could indeed believe it possible. Crime occurs everyday. Violence originating from human flaws: jealousy, greed, lust, hatred, disappointment and great sorrow.

We all feel these things, what my great hope for humanity is that we will rise above them and learn that as we struggle to live we must depend upon each other, not fight our way to apparent success.

Only a tortured soul could commit an act of such terror -- and with the occurrence of such violent acts on the rise I hope that everyone would act with more sensitivity towards every person they know and meet.

I believe in love.

I believe in the power of love in healing a broken heart.

I recognize insanity as a disease and wish that someone could have helped the now dead murderer before he reached such a tipping point. Whatever his motives or reasoning might have been, they came from a fragmented mind. Anyone so desperate as to murder or, in this tragic case, massacre schoolchildren, must surely be insane.

I do not mean to suggest insanity as an excuse, or to place blame. I only hope that by being mindful of the lives and emotions if those around me I can be a light for those who are lost in darkness.

I hope that the families of the victims of the terrible shooting can heal, eventually.

I hope that the family of the shooter can also heal from the shock and loss they too have experienced, and that the world recognize and respect their loss.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Launch Codes

She scribbles notes
On her hands in
Indelible ink

Like launch codes

Morsels of
critical information
She fears she will lose
to the night

Telephone numbers,

If found please call . . .

Maps to a car park,
To stumble her way back
At the end of the night,
Or sometimes as she
Slips out
before the sun returns.

Tonight she thinks a moment longer
Before beginning her inscription

Where is home?
Who to call?
Why bother writing at all?

As the night goes on
she slips away
To add details
which she's picked up
Often to the dismay
Of her baffled

But she flashes a smile
And all is forgiven
This quirk of hers
just another illusion.


When the world ends,
Promise you'll be with me.
When the sky falls,
Lets watch it crash together.
When the zombies come
When the crazies take over

3. Time
2. Stands
1. Still

Promise that you'll be there
To hold my hand at the end of the world

So we might hold on to each other
And survive it.

Together we stand strong
Together we build castles
Together we fight demons

Together we might dance in the light of morning, having survived the darkness of night.

So promise.

When the world ends,
Stand with me.

Monday, December 10, 2012


Little dreams
Carried away on the wind
Quiet whispers that only
The fairies will hear

Little truths
Silently carried
Heavy burdens in tiny packages
Sent but never received

Little moments
Carried in the heart
Favorite memories that only
You and I know.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More AWESOME from The Amazing Kyle DeForrest

Hi there, Universe!

So my favorite musician, brother, and one of the most incredible human beings on earth has released three new songs on youtube that ALL OF YOU READING THIS should check out.  (Note, I'm YELLING because ITS SO INCREDIBLY COOL!)

Also, I sing in two of said new songs.

Are you intrigued?

Go forth and enjoy the music my friends! (Watch in order!)

Please let us know what you think here or on facebook, for those of you who do that!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I have this

and nowhere to rest it.

Except in my own hands.


I stand strong
And lift up my love
So the world can see it shine
In the sun

I find the beauty
in the cracks
Now healed
Clean scars now glisten
Like cuts on a diamond.

In this new light
I can light up
Some stranger's shadows,
And they can stand strong,

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I think, deep down someplace I'm an artist, poet, musician gypsy, that got lost along the way.

Torn asunder

We talk until I drift to sleep
Smiling at your
Always creeping into my
Romantic ideology.

Science rings true in this
Mutual philosophy:
Why defy simple biology?

The heart wants what the heart wants

Music is the ultimate language,
And even whales sing
Now, though I wonder if perhaps they dream.

Surely you'd cite the late night cries
Of some beloved canine,
Chasing rabbits in an imaginary land.

Somehow you are home and I am all but lost without you.

Still aching from that loss, I cling to the reality if you. Stay alive, I can't handle any more.

You were family when mine was all too distant, if only in their minds.

Oh, love.

The light creeps in and here I am, wishing for the impossible, and wondering if you see me.

Love only hurts if you let it, yet here I am breaking my own heart again, worth it for a glimpse into your mind, and your thoughts on this world we share.

For this, the loud, dangerous, beautiful world that is -- a world torn asunder.

For now I'll sleep until the sun shines in my face. Here, in the only place I really feel safe.

Where you could reach me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I'll sing you a lullaby
You'll hold my hand
We'll go dancing to

In my dreams you're always smiling
In my dreams you're always there

Do you remember, darlin, when I used to wake up scared?

You promised you would be there,
to guard against the dark,
And even when circumstance
would force us far apart

You promised to be always in my heart.

You're always in my heart.

You held me til the sunshine
was hot against my face
And spoke of the adventures
We would have that day
You sang to me so softly
I almost missed your words
I've loved you for forever
If only you knew

But here I am afraid again
Miles away from you
I wish you were here to hold me

I'm out of reach to you.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

When I Am Gone

Remember me strong
Remember me smart
Remember me dancing
Remember all the adventures we've had all these years.

Remember my science
Remember my art
Remember my mysteries
Remember the times I sang out to the stars.

Remember my laughter
Remember my tears
Remember all of the arguments we've had all these years.

Remember my smile
Remember my kiss
Remember love! Love! LOVE! I've loved you, all of these years.

All daisy-chains and sunshine.

Little girl lost
Stop your haunting
I'm no home for you
Find your way back to those stars you came from
Though, you're always in my heart.

She's all daisy-chains and sunshine
She's all strawberries with cream
She's all fairy wings and secrets
But she's just a dream to me.

Little girl lost
Stop your haunting
I'm no home for you
Find your way back to those stars you came from
Though, you're always in my heart

OH, shame.

I drank a beer with Jesus,
Asked him how I'd change the world,
Asked him how he plans on waking up
These men who hide behind their fear
Claiming Religion and 'tradition',
While clinging to their own lies,
As they watch one of my sisters
Buried far before her time.

I drank a beer with Jesus.
Asked him to hold my hand,
Asked him to help me stand,
As I spoke about the danger of ignorance
To a room of apathetic men.

I spoke of science, of medicine, of faith, I argued for the ethics, and reminded them of their own mistakes.

I drank a beer with Jesus.
He didn't have the answers,
Just looked at me and sighed.

I don't plan in giving up,
So hear my battle cry.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Escape to Neverland?

Lets run away
Lets run away and be gypsy musicians
You play the fiddle
I'll dance with the tambourine
And just imagine
How happy we will be

Lets run away
Lets run away and be gypsy musicians

We won't need to worry
We won't need to care
We'll sing for our dinner
And never cut our hair.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Not yet.

I never got to say goodbye, love.
Not before you left me.
And I'm not ready, love, to let you go.

I see your face now, in the crowd.
I know it's fake though, you're in the clouds.

I cried today, love . . . And I'm not ready to say


Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Mother Nature fights back against the plague we've created on her face. She's so much deeper than we know, her soul buried under the burning mechanical surface we have built.  She draws from this to wash away the grime of our world, and we tremble, in awe at her power.

As I stand here, feet solid in the soft earth, wind whipping around me, rain washing the world clean again, I am calm. Calm amid chaos, refusing to panic as she -- as she tears down the world we've built.

There's something reassuring about the rain.
(once more, for those who missed it)
There's something reassuring about the rain.

Yes. Our lives have been solid shaken.
Yes. Our homes have been destroyed.
Yes. Our loved ones have been hurt and lost.

In a world where we are accustomed to controlling every detail, though, it's reassuring to be reminded of how very little we do control.

Every idea we have, every feat of engineering, we have stolen from the Earth.  It's been done before, and while our own machines may burn and grind and lift into the air, there's no replacing the beauty of a bird on the wing. We are far from the perfection that is nature, and as we continue to reach too far into nature's coin-purse, surely the consequences will become clear.

Mother Nature fights back.

There's something reassuring about the rain.

Monday, October 22, 2012

See me.

He is a mystery
Another challenger

He is a charmer too
Swept me away

I just want to know
I just want to know

Baby tell me
Your dreams

What are your secrets
What's your destiny

Say it's with me
Say it's with me

He is a mystery
cur i os ity

So tell me
Can't he see
Can't he see


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012


This world terrifies me.
There is such hate, such ignorance, such apathy.

How can we hope for a world, dream of a world, that is better – when the people of this world, refuse to change?

How can anyone choose hate? Choose ignorance? How can someone actively choose to make the world a more difficult place to live?

And why? Why does the world choose to respond with violence? Why is it acceptable to respond to hate, with violence?

How is it that a radical, fundamental minority can have such a strong impact? And why is it that the response to hate is MORE HATE?

Instead, why not choose to educate? Why not choose to forgive? Why is it that this culture of hate, culture of fear, is acceptable?

I refuse to live in fear.
I refuse to spread hate.
I refuse to choose ignorance.
I refuse to respond with violence.

I hope for a world in which education, science, and acceptance are widespread.

Maybe I'm hoping for the impossible, but I will not give up, give in, or get out.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


That moment
When I wake up laughing
At something you said in a dream

And it would seem you were here
If only in my mind

And wish I was still dreaming
To be closer still

Monday, July 2, 2012

lessons 2

If, one day, I should have a son, I'd tell him,

Don't shield your heart, love is just as powerful as strength.
Be strong. Be smart. Be kind. 
Forgive those who hurt you,
thank those who help you,
and help those who need you.

Be true to yourself,
walk tall and proud,
hold your head up strong and face the world,
secure with the knowledge that you were made to live in it. 

Study the past, for it hints at the future.

Know music, art, and nature -- each is reflected in the other.

Know when to admit you're wrong.
Know when to say that you don't know.
Know when to ask for help.

Learn to dance, to write, to sing, and to cook.

Be quick to smile, slow to judge, and always give second  (or third) chances.

Look for beauty everywhere, you'll find it in the most unexpected places. 

Seek out the truth, and live by it.

The world is yours to care for, study it, protect it, and become all you wish to be. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Eighteen - Kyle DeForrest


If, one day, I have a daughter, I'd tell her:

Create your own joy,
and in those moments when the world crashes around you,
stand strong. 
You are, all by yourself, a force of nature. 
Strength must come from within to be sustainable,
and the harder you work to become the person you wish to be,
the stronger you will become. 

It isn't easy, life, love, happiness.  But it isn't meant to be. 

Know that if you fall,
I'm here to catch you,
and if you break,
I'll stand strong enough for both of us. 

In those moments when the world grows dark,
stand for what you believe in,
and don't give an inch to those who doubt. 

In those moments when it seems the world has left you behind,
look behind you, because you aren't alone.
Remember to ask for help, when you need it, for there will always be someone happy to help.

Life is a struggle,
but that's where the beauty lies,
because if it were easy,
there would be no passion, no music, no art. 

When it seems your heart is breaking,
Remember to love yourself.
Remember to look for joy in the smallest things.
Remember to look for beauty amid the chaos.

Stand strong, work hard, and love the world you live in,
and you'll do everything you set your mind to. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

unimaginable future

No one told me love would be so hard. 
But here it is. 
And now,
now I'm torn. 

I never wanted to know the meaning of heartbreak.


Yet somehow I know you're here and hurting too. 

Its sick. 
My head aches,
my stomach's turned,
my heart beats
                     just a bit too quickly
when I think of what happened,
between he and I. 

Somhow I'll find it in me to forgive you. 
Because the alternative is


A future stuck with this sickly emotion. 

How easily we hurt each other.
How easily things fall apart.


I have never known such joy. 

I'm not giving up on that.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

When I was a child (and hell, even nowadays) my parents would sing to us. . 

Love, Love, 
Growin like a wild thing, 
Growin like a sapling, 
making my heart sing!

Love, Love, 
Growin up strong, 
Help me along as I sing this song!

I think I'm starting to get it.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012


his eyes scream of adoration
and I can only hope my mask is strong enough--
can he read the fear behind my eyes?

Oh, I want,

I WANT to live in his world,
                 all daisies and sunshine,
                         where we can live his american dream,
                                steady job, perfect house, perfect wife, perfect kids. . . .
I WANT to let him love me,
                  all sugary and sweet,
                         where we skip down tree lined streets in his suburban paradise
                                  love, marriage, baby in a baby carriage

Isn't that how the rhyme's supposed to go?

But, see,
life's no children's rhyme,
and love, (ha)
love can be so harsh sometimes.

He says the past doesn't matter, only our future.
             But the past shaped me into this figure.
He says he isn't going anywhere,
              that he'll stay so long as I'll keep him here.

I've got plans.
Adventures to have,
a whole world of exploring to do,
         and an independent streak that would shake even the most individual individual.

He says he's happy to come along for the ride,
and I,
I keep hoping he's able to hang on

Because, behind the fear in my eyes,
buried under this mask of mine,
there is a glimmer of hope,
and a flicker of adoration,
   a love so new and fragile I'm not ready to admit it's there.

And a hope that
                  he'll help protect it,
                  he'll help nurture it,
until the light
    that is my love for him
illuminates the dark corners of my heart,
and instead of running from them,
perhaps he'll see the beauty in a fractured past,
so elegantly pieced together.


Saturday, February 11, 2012


she smiles
to herself . . .

its a quiet,
private smile,
brought on by a memory,
some happy thought,
unconsciously reflected on her face.

savors the thought,
rolling it through her mind
like a fine wine across a discerning palate.

her eyes close,


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Here's To Risk.

Do I dare? Do I dare hope? Trust?

Can this heart bear
                         another let

Oh, the possibility, true potential,
True, my mind races with fantasies of the life I hope to build.

Never once was it empty,

but each shadowy figure of the past
seems to have cracked the glass
on the oh-so-pretty picture frame
                                                              of MY dreams.

So then,

do I once more pull my heart from the dark shadows I've kept it in,
and thrust it towards the light,
and hope it won't be burnt?

Dreams. Are. Worth. Fighting. For.

Here's to risk.

Friday, January 27, 2012

break from reality, healing quality

Woke up with a broken heart,
couldn't bear it from the start,
locked it up for the day,
that it may wither,
                      wither away.

And when the sun comes back again,
the pain won't be so strong, dear friend.

(Took today off from reality, I'll be back to normal functioning tomorrow.)