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Imagine that all life is an illusion. All that exists is this moment. No past, no future, each memory, every plan, a part of the illusion. Life, in a photograph.

Do you like the image of yourself?

Sunday, December 16, 2012


I shed tears for souls lost to unchecked depravity. My heart breaks for the families left behind by a stranger's insanity. No sane man could gun down any innocent human. Those who have surely suffer some scarcity of the soul.

To kill a child is unthinkable, yet still, a psychopath murdered many and my thoughts of humanity turned darker than I care to admit. I am heartbroken that I could indeed believe it possible. Crime occurs everyday. Violence originating from human flaws: jealousy, greed, lust, hatred, disappointment and great sorrow.

We all feel these things, what my great hope for humanity is that we will rise above them and learn that as we struggle to live we must depend upon each other, not fight our way to apparent success.

Only a tortured soul could commit an act of such terror -- and with the occurrence of such violent acts on the rise I hope that everyone would act with more sensitivity towards every person they know and meet.

I believe in love.

I believe in the power of love in healing a broken heart.

I recognize insanity as a disease and wish that someone could have helped the now dead murderer before he reached such a tipping point. Whatever his motives or reasoning might have been, they came from a fragmented mind. Anyone so desperate as to murder or, in this tragic case, massacre schoolchildren, must surely be insane.

I do not mean to suggest insanity as an excuse, or to place blame. I only hope that by being mindful of the lives and emotions if those around me I can be a light for those who are lost in darkness.

I hope that the families of the victims of the terrible shooting can heal, eventually.

I hope that the family of the shooter can also heal from the shock and loss they too have experienced, and that the world recognize and respect their loss.

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