::imaginative introspection::

Imagine that all life is an illusion. All that exists is this moment. No past, no future, each memory, every plan, a part of the illusion. Life, in a photograph.

Do you like the image of yourself?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Stealing Time

I am a time bandit,
snatching moments where I can,
forcing minutes into hours,
creating some semblance of calm amid chaos.

You'll see me, peripherally
as time passes on a lazy afternoon.
While you're reading, lounging
in the garden's sunshine.

I'm snatching your time,
for my own timeline,
that I might patch a few more hours
into my all too brief days.

::work in progress::


  1. For a work in progress it's really good.

  2. i don't really like modern poems, i prefer the old ones with a nice rime and rhythm, although your poem seems to have a nice profound image....keep up the work :)

  3. Really into this idea of a time bandit. Wonderful poem!

  4. )))((((((

  5. you'll pay for stealing my time! : )

  6. Thanks for all the feedback everyone!