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Imagine that all life is an illusion. All that exists is this moment. No past, no future, each memory, every plan, a part of the illusion. Life, in a photograph.

Do you like the image of yourself?

Friday, April 8, 2011


I am young, still.

At times I feel old, as if I have lived long enough to know all, as if I carry wisdom in the dust on my feet.

I am a fool.

I know some things of the world.  I have so much more to see, to learn.  I must remember that knowledge is not understanding, experience is not wisdom.  I have only just opened my eyes to the world, my life thus far only a glimpse -- and blurred as in the first moments of waking.  I have learned that the world will not hand over its secrets to me calmly.  I must fight, determined to make my way against the surge of those who bet against me.  Sometimes it is only a battle to stay afloat, in other moments I seem to speed ahead, leaping and diving forward into life head first.

Sometimes I find myself sinking.

Yet, I have been blessed enough to be loved.  Those who love me have come and pulled me back towards the surface countless times.  I must remind myself to remain calm, so I do not drown them in my panic, or force them to let me go.  This lesson has been hard to learn, and certainly not one I have mastered.

One thing I have learned: 
Trust is such a delicate creature.  In one foolish, panicked moment it be shattered, crushed, suffocated -- and it cannot be resurrected, there is no 'breath of life' or miracle technology that can heal those wounds.  If you are lucky, bits of trust might be found buried in love (as love cannot die, only languish), and from those remnants you can begin to rebuild.

I only hope that as I discover the world, I become less a fool, stepping carefully and remaining calm, so that I can pull those who are sinking up with me.

Maybe, some day, we'll fly.


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  3. only question for you: what you earn in this life?

  4. Hey, im new to blogging and i was wondering how do you get followers and more involved in the blog world? Because now even after i created my blog i still havent had any other views or contact with anybody. Please help thanks :)

  5. @GABI: Thank you!
    @dennisinthereality: That's some interesting stuff you've got there. :) Who's to say my reality is the same as yours?
    @SUJAYS: happiness, hopefully. health. family.
    @The fish!: Good luck! I'm no expert, that's certain. Write. The rest is luck. Who are you blogging for? Yourself, or the world?

  6. This was a lovely post Klaire. I like that you said the world will not calmly give up her secrets. And we fight hard for them which is why they are the precious keepsakes of war. I will also hold closely your sentiment that love does not die, only languish. It is perhaps a secret I have begun knowing today and will take solid shape in the days to come!

  7. Im not quite sure, it makes me feel good tho! So i think its for myself, but its sure nice to feel like other people care, you know?

    btw i love your blog :)

  8. @Wine and Words: Thank you! The best secrets are the ones the world only hints at.

    @The fish!: Thanks! I know the feeling, the biggest thing is to just keep writing.