::imaginative introspection::

Imagine that all life is an illusion. All that exists is this moment. No past, no future, each memory, every plan, a part of the illusion. Life, in a photograph.

Do you like the image of yourself?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Angel on the sea

Water runs red
As I wash today's dead
from these dirty bloody pocket.

I've been fighting all my life
to somehow stay alive
and all I've got today
are these dirty bloody pockets.

I'm fighting off the waves
God's threat to me each day
Some say I'm just crazed

but I can hear the angel


I sit perched precariously,
where the rocks meet the sea,
and she sings,
with a song on the wind

follow me, 
I'll show you places you could never see
places you could never see

sing for me
I'll bring you riches you could never dream
riches you could never dream

I take her hand
and with one deep breath we're flyin so high.

we're so high
we're so high

and I'll dance with you tonight
and we'll sing to the sky
and when we stopped
the gods, they cried.

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